law is complicated, integrity is not Ryan L. Smith helps people accused of crime in Alameda, San Joaquin, and Contra Costa County. His compassion and patience with clients are unmatched. Ryan explains the entire process of a criminal case at a FREE initial consultation so you can make informed decisions regarding whether or when to hire a private criminal defense attorney. schedule your free consultation

Experienced Local Criminal Defense Attorney

It’s important your attorney understand not only California law, but also the local rules, customs, services, programs, and even individual prosecutors and judges when possible. Like anyone, your lawyer will be most effective when doing the things they have experience doing, going the places they have experience going, and talking to people they have experience talking to. 

Attorney Ryan Smith has a decade of experience practicing criminal defense in Alameda, San Joaquin, and Contra Costa County. He represents defendants in DUI, Hit & Run, Reckless Driving, Evading, Domestic Violence, Battery, Theft, Robbery, Burglary, Trespass, Drug Charges, Vandalism, Public Intoxication, Solicitation, Expungements, and Petitions to Seal Arrest Records.

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Making Uneasy Easy, and the Unbearable Effortless

Some people are embarrassed to consult a criminal defense attorney. Many have no idea what to expect in a case, and most everyone worries about going to court.  Whether you are guilty or innocent, attorney Ryan Smith will not judge you, and will make sure you feel respected and appreciated. He’ll inform you what to anticipate from every proceeding and can even attend court without you in most situations. If charges are not filed right away, Ryan will check every week, so you need not worry about undelivered or misaddressed letters to appear in court. He communicates all developments on the case, shares with you all the evidence, and reminds you when you're eligible for Expungement or Arrest Record Sealing. He works to lower the sentence and guides you through completing it if you are convicted. 

meet attorney ryan L. smith

our reviews

  • Highly Recommend.

    “Little things like this shows Ryan knows the in and outs of the system so he can best defend you. I highly recommend Ryan if you are looking for a great defense attorney!”

  • No Jail Time.

    “There was no jail or prison time which I can’t thank Ryan enough for. It’s been 3 years since the incident and on the day of the third year Ryan reminded me that I am eligible for expungement.”

  • Competent, Professional, Generous With Time.

    “I was so impressed with his knowledge that I did not call anyone else. We met in his office before going to arraignment and we kept him until the end of the case.”

  • Personal, Empathetic, Caring.

    “Ryan appeared in court for my case 21 times and did not charge me any more money than the flat fee we agreed to in the beginning. In the end, I received only one misdemeanor with community service and a $200 fine.”

Free Consultation, Low Monthly Payment, Low-Risk Retainer

We at RLS Criminal Defense provide FREE initial consultations. We offer interest-free monthly payment plans as low as $250/month on misdemeanor cases. We use a flat fee so there are no surprises, and never charge our full price unless criminal charges are actually filed. BE AWARE, not all arrests or citations result in charges being filed, and many attorneys charge the same fee regardless of whether charges are filed or not. Arguably, such practices restrict access to legal services in the community by forcing people to choose between only a potentially-unjusfied full-cost fee agreement, or having no legal representation at all. RLS Criminal Defense uses retainers where most of the fee never becomes due if charges are never filed. 

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